Houseboats for Rent in Amsterdam:

Houseboats for Rent in Amsterdam: Best Way to Enjoy the Canal City

With Amstel River passing through the city and ending in city centre, over 100 kilometres of canals and 1500 bridges, nothing beats staying in a houseboat for the most enjoyable stay in Amsterdam. What’s more with various houseboats for rent in Amsterdam, renting one that suits you and your fellow travellers shouldn’t be a problem.

Did you know that Amsterdam is actually two metres below the sea level? So is it any wonder that the city planning was consciously done to turn it into a canal city? Amsterdam is not only the capital of Netherlands but also the city with the most population in the entire country.

Houseboats for rent in Amsterdam

So what better place can there be than to stay in a houseboat? Indeed you’ve got the option to stay at a houseboat hotel. But there are lots of advantages of choosing one of the houseboats for rent Amsterdam.

You and your companions have got all the amenities like microwave, coffee maker, kitchen and more in a houseboat rent amsterdam, things you may not get at a hotel. What’s more you and your companions get to do what you please wherever you want, living room, deck and so on. In simple words, it is like chilling out at your very home but in a different city!

Imagine sitting on the deck of one of the houseboats for rent Amsterdam and watching the night lights on the canals and bridges. While breathing in fresh river air, watch the lovely sunset and frolics of swans, ducks and other bird species. During the day, enjoy the view of Westerkerk, famed for its architecture and other lovely buildings there.

If you are worried about the cost of houseboat rent amsterdam, don’t worry. You’ve got the option to choose from budget, family and whatnot. So what are you waiting for? Look for houseboats for rent in Amsterdam, the canal city now!